Hope 4 Youth

Amount Awarded: $26,556 ($17,452 member donations + $9,104 Schulze matching donation)


HOPE 4 Youth meets the basic needs of young people (ages 23 and under) experiencing homelessness and those at-risk of becoming homeless in the north metro Twin Cities including all of Anoka County and parts of Hennepin County.

On any given night, more than 4,000 homeless young people in Minnesota. We work hard to change the life trajectories of the youth who walk through our Drop-In Center door. Whether they need basic necessities – food from the food pantry, clothes from the clothing closets, a hot shower, a hot, nutritious meal or personal hygiene items – or help finding housing, securing employment, finishing their education or assistance with health referrals, we help put them on a path that allows them to leave their title of “homeless” in the past.

Learn more about this organization at www.hope4youth.org

Hope 4 Youth was the selected charity for September, 2016.

Second Stork

Amount Awarded: $25,721 ($17,107 member donations + $8,614 Schulze matching donation)

second stork

Each year, thousands of new parents across the Twin Cities are stretched to bring their baby home from the hospital with even the most basic supplies such as diapers, cribs, clothing, receiving blankets and other essential items.

Founded in 2009, Second Stork is a Minnesota nonprofit that fulfills this real, immediate need by providing those critical items free of charge with no strings attached. Second Stork is not religious or political in its mission or operations, and works in ways to always respect the dignity of people in need.

Learn more about this organization at www.secondstork.org

Second Stork was the selected charity for June, 2016.

MAP for Nonprofits – Rape Survivors Memorial Fund

Amount Awarded: $28,241.00 ($17,747 member donations + $10,494 Schulze matching donation)

Since 1979, MAP has worked to strengthen the Minnesota nonprofit community by connecting organizations to sound governance, strategy, and finance and accounting practices.  The Memorial for Rape Survivors project calls attention to the reality of sexual violence that exists within communities, honors the strength and courage of survivors, and creates a space to break the silence. 100% of the funds raised through The Power of 100 – Twin Cities and the Schulze Family Foundation will go to the materials, construction, and preservation of this memorial which will be located within the Minneapolis Parks system.

Learn more about this organization at www.mapfornonprofits.org

MAP for Nonprofits – Rape Survivors Memorial Fund was the selected charity for March, 2016.

Alexandra House

Amount Awarded: $25,089.00 ($16,963 member donations + $8,126 Schulze matching donation)

 Alexandra House

Alexandra House was established in 1977, when a group of concerned citizens formed the Anoka County Task Force for Battered Women. Within a year the Task Force established a 24-hour crisis line, with the first emergency shelter opening in 1980.  As the needs of the community evolved, Alexandra House has expanded on its services – adding legal advocacy, therapy and support services, violence prevention programs, elder abuse resources, and community education and professional training.

Learn more about this organization at alexandrahouse.org

Alexandra House is the selected charity for December, 2015.

North Metro Pediatrics

Amount Awarded: $25,177 ($16,859 member donations + $8,318 Schulze matching donation) and a $100 donation to Pinky Swear

North Metro Pediatrics

North Metro Pediatrics is a small dedicated clinic where patients and families are given personalized care in a compassionate and respectful manner.  The clinic has collaborative relationships with community public health and human resources, schools, daycare providers and other health care providers to assist families with access to the services they need.

Learn more about this clinic at: www.northmetropeds.org

North Metro Pediatrics is the selected charity for September, 2015.

University of MN Foundation – Project Stealth

Amount Awarded: $21,125 ($15,775 member donations + $5,350 Schulze matching donation) and a $600 donation to the Volunteer Lawyer Network

UMN Foundation

Project Stealth is re-engineering cancer therapy. Research being conducted by Dr. Daniel A. Saltzman at the University of Minnesota is focusing on a new and potentially breakthrough therapy in the fight against cancer. This therapy uses altered or “attenuated” salmonella bacteria to deliver anti-cancer drugs directly to tumor cells. The early phases of this research have been highly successful, but before this therapy can be used to treat cancer patients, more work and research need to be done.

Learn more about this research at: projectstealth.org

University of MN Foundation – Project Stealth is the selected charity for June, 2015.


Canvas Health

Amount Awarded: $23,675 ($16,425 member donations + $7,250 Schulze matching donation)

Canvas Health

Canvas Health is dedicated to offering hope and help to children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and families who struggle with aging, transportation, chemical and mental health, and domestic and sexual abuse.

In 2011, Canvas Health, in partnership with Carlton County, launched a TXT4LIFE pilot program for youth in crisis. The TXT4Life program uses texting as a way for those in crisis or contemplating suicide to reach out and ask for help. Today, TXT4Life is an award-winning, innovative program that has received the attention and support from the state Legislature, which has allocated money to begin rolling out the program statewide.

Learn more about this organization at: www.canvashealth.org

Canvas Health was the selected charity for March, 2015.


Accessible Space

Amount Awarded:  $20,450 ($15,350 member donations + $5,100 Schulze matching donation)


ASI_HmComp 2B 1

The mission of Accessible Space is to provide accessible, affordable, assisted/supportive and independent living opportunities for persons with physical disabilities and brain injuries, as well as seniors. This mission is accomplished through the development and cost-effective management of accessible, affordable housing, as well as the provision of assisted/supportive living and rehabilitation services.

Learn more about this organization at: www.accessiblespace.org

Cars for Neighbors

formerly Free to Be, Inc.

Amount Awarded:  $ 13,100.00


The mission of Cars for Neighbors is driving change for families in Anoka County by offering car repair assistance or donated cars, to qualifying families. Over the past 14 years, the organization has donated nearly 900 cars and repaired more than 3,500 cars for families in need.

Learn more about this organization at: www.carsforneighbors.org


Blair’s Tree of Hope

Amount Awarded:  $ 12,970.00

Our mission is to help the families of children who have been hospitalized with a life threatening illness due to pediatric Cancer, pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant or pediatric Blood Disorder.

Learn more this organization at www.BlairsTreeOfHope.org

One Heartland

Amount Awarded:  $ 13,450.00

One Heartland was the selected charity at the March meeting. One  Heartland’s mission is to “Improve the lives of children, youth and families facing significant health challenges or social isolation.” Their vision is for a “world where everyone feels appreciated, celebrated and free of stigma and discrimination. We want a community where individuals have the opportunity to learn and grow so that they may lead healthier and more productive lives.”

Learn more about this organization at: www.oneheartland.org


Amount Awarded: $ 12,000.00

Youthlink was the selected charity at December’s meeting.   Youthlinks vision is “empowering youth to shape their futures by providing a safe, supportive, respectful and responsive community of excellence. YouthLink is the place where the END of homelessness and the END of poverty begin for youth served.”

Their Mission is to “Build healthy relationships with youth and the community to address youths’ urgent needs so that doors of opportunity are opened to futures of empowerment, connectedness, and self-reliance”

Learn more about this organization at: http://www.youthlinkmn.org

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