About Us

Our History

The Power of 100 – Twin Cities Women Who Care was established in September, 2012. The concept was borrowed from similar organizations around the U.S.

Founding Members


Front row: Lisa Sjobeck, Lisa Mattson, Linda Deiters, Pam Maccani, Diane Kuehn

Back row: Barb D’Aquila, Mary Fritz, Susan Abbott, Jenni Bruess, Dena Ehrich

Thank You

A special thank you to members, Nancy Harrower, Terry Provo, Keiko Sugisaka and Leanne Woodland for providing valuable help with vetting charities, marketing our organization, and website design.


Active Members – 191 members including; 167 individual and 24 team members (11 teams).
$509,173 contributed in our first 25 meetings!

“It is a great organization.  I LOVE that the commitment is only 4 x year and that the meetings truly last 1 hour.”  Mary Kay Miller

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
committed citizens could change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead